Thursday, October 1, 2009

#2:Jaisalmer: Sleep-less in Sleeper Compartment

Moving at snail's pace , Delhi-Jaisalmer Inter-City Express sleeper compartment is a place for large gathering of uninvited people with complete chaos .You can almost always find strangers occupying your reserved berths ( First major challenge is to reclaim authority that the seat indeed belongs to you! ) .

Chai-walas coming out from nowhere and yelling in an articulate hoarse tone :"Chai-Garam" vibrates ear-drum in synchronized harmonics with amplitude high enough that in between your 'Pink Floyd' song ( Test your Ipod's maximum decibel level here ) one can hear the key-words -'Chai-Garam'.

Caution ( Sleeper Class ):
1. Dont put-off footwear ( Unless you have booked whole compartment or you enjoy walking barefoot)..Coz its a cool business to make shoes invisible in trains ...
2.Sitting next to window with a Swiss watch ,Gold Bracelet, Ring ,Chain, flaunting I-pod or cool touchscreen phone...always keep the glass window down!
Modus Operandi-Train stops @ station>Pros zero in targets>Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
3.Avoid food served in train ...better wait for stations and pick sealpacked food or fresh local food .
At one station we saw 'Palace on Wheels' lined next to our InterCity Express showing-off all the luxuries one can imagine . A stark comparison of Masses and Classes ( 90K per head for entire trip in PoW).
Finally after watching 18 hr long live movie and taking free sand bath( Tiny sand beads coming out from Hair , there and everywhere ) right after leaving 'Pokharan' ( Nuclear Blast Site) we reached Jaisalmer-The Golden City.( Reminds me of 'Aladdin's Theme Song-Arabian Nights ...)

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