Thursday, October 1, 2009

#1:Jaisalmer:Crazy Traveller's Desert Odessey!

Its not easy to plan a trip in a group of 8 specially when all of them are working in an IT company and are struggling with Milestone dates, deadlines ,work pressure and other commitments.

So getting a mutual consensus is like solving Rubik's Cube in 1 microsecond .

Simple solution to this problem: Make a plan > Fix a date> Float a mail> Count final 'Yes Men/Women' > Book Tickets >Pack your bags and just leave this urban jungle to explore something novel ......

Finally only two of us were left and we decided not to cancel trip again this time.( Since none of us had any previous experience of managing a trip or travelling in small numbers ...I was a bit hesitant..)

Thats how two novice travellers( This was Dilip's only SECOND train journey till date...unbelievable ) kick-started their first campaign. Mission -(I m)Possible: Jaisalmer-The Desert Odessey!


  1. The collage on the front page is amazing !!
    The blog theme somehow looks a little familiar :)

  2. Ya...I liked the slideshow gadget in ur travelling blog!

  3. Good Pawha, I am expecting more and more ... :-)